The One by Heather Self

I guess I need to start this review with HOLY MOLY, stop reading  this review, and go buy this book!!!  Not convinced?  I was hooked by the 3% mark on my kindle!  Okay, let me see what I can say to convince you without giving too much of this amazing book away. . .

The One (The Portal Trilogy, #1)The main character is Evy (Eveline), she’s in high school.  The book starts out with her moving schools, again.  My heart went out with her as she had moved so often she’d never really been able to make friends or put any roots down.  As the story unfolds there’s good reason for this and at seventeen, she finally moves “home.”  I hate weak heroines in a story and Evy can be described in many ways, WEAK is NOT one of the descriptors.  This girl didn’t just roll with the punches.  She’s found her way onto my favorite fictional heroines list!

She met Liam – and let’s just say no one could ever have a better friend, guardian, brother.  Is it okay to totally have a crush on a fictional character?  Chase enters the story and OMG, I melted!!  (I think Evy did, too!)

The characters are well thought out, the plot is deeply layered, the dialog between the characters was natural, and the story?  This has to be one of the most original stories I have ever read!!  I thought I had an active imagination, I have nothing on Heather Self!  Well done, Heather!!  I’m proud to say I’m your newest fan and I will read everything you write from now on!!  Hurry up and release the sequel!!

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