The Dreamer by Ariana Zamora

Look out world, there is a new Indie Rising Star on her way!  I had the pleasure of reading The Dreamer by Ariana Zamora and I absolutely loved it!!

The DreamerSynopsis:A murderous power, born of betrayal, was passed down the Jamison line, searching for the one who would bring an end to a timeless agony. It lay dormant until one day it came across a young, unsuspecting girl in the form of a dream.

A woman whispers to Anjaleena Jamison in the dead of night, plaguing her mind with terror, and haunting her very soul. No one thought anything of it, except for Grandma Rose - the only other living person who knew the terrible secrets of Bennett Manor. After her grandmother's death, Anjaleena soon finds herself residing in the manor, and discovers the ghost of Julian Bennett – a handsome young man who she can't help but feel drawn to. Can Anjaleena find the strength to both fall in love and defeat the evil lurking inside the house? 

In the halls of Bennett Manor, nothing is as it seems. 

My Review:  You know me, I don’t like to give too much away about a book.  I usually know nothing about a story beyond the synopsis.  I like it when characters aren’t perfect, when young adult characters do something that makes me roll my eyes at them and I absolutely LOVE it when a book surprises me with a twist that I don’t see coming.  This one kept my attention until the very last chapter and I highly recommend you give it a try!!  It’s $0.99 on Amazon RIGHT NOW and will be the best dollar you’ve spent in ages!! 

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  1. You are so awesome, Nancy! Thanks for the amazing review, and for taking the time to help out a newbie indie author :)

    -Ariana Zamora